East County Village Seniors

I became a member of ECVS because of a desire to stay in my home as long as possible. Since my husband is almost 90, the majority of home maintenance is my responsibility. I am hoping to find the “resources” that will assist us in remaining in place.

Since joining ECVS, it has been a pleasure to meet other seniors with the same interests; learn about programs and events for seniors, and have an open forum for discussion of “senior issues”. Mary Ann Chai

The East County Village Seniors is a nonprofit organization lead by a Chairman/President and administrative functions shared by the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Policy and event decisions will be made by a consensus of the members. Membership is open to any senior citizen in East Montgomery County (including nearby Prince Georges’ County) willing to volunteer their time and effort to further the goals and objectives of the organization. We invite partnerships with Faith-based and youth and adult community-based organizations.

All members must provide: Name, Address, Home & or Cell Phone Numbers, email Address (if available), Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number.

The Directory of Service Providers will consist of both professional contractors and intergenerational volunteer service contributors. Professional Service providers listed in the directory will be based on a comprehensive rating system showing they have previously and consistently demonstrated their ability to perform honest, high-quality work and/or have provided services at reduced or discounted rates for seniors. Service providers will be expected to provide a price quote and/or negotiate a price with the member before any work is performed as well as provide a written contract/receipt with a guarantee on any service above $100.00. Contractors in violation of this protocol will be noted and revealed to members accordingly and/or deleted from the Village Directory.

Provider services may include: handyman tasks, electrical and plumbing services, painting, home remodeling/renovating for accessibility,  house cleaning, lawn care and snow removal; alternative transportation referrals; legal and medical support and assistance; nutritional and wellness classes; as well as, social events planning and any other service or class deemed appropriate and of interest to Village members.

Volunteer service providers may waive payment for an exchange service with the member recipient. Paid services between members and youth volunteers for chores, i.e., yard work or snow removal will be at a fee determined by the service performed and the length of time it takes to perform the chore to the member’s satisfaction. Services performed by members in exchange for another service are volunteered and performed willfully within the Village’s Mission.